NO ONE in town compares to Dr Garver. He listens, he cares, he's genuine. Perfect example: My daughter needed additional tests and further evaluation and before we left his office I had an appointment 2 days later for blood work and ultrasound. When a specialist didn't take the appropriate actions to get to the bottom of things, he reached out to another one, got more opinions/advice and we got the answers we needed. He understands the importance of your child's medical concerns and he ALWAYS follows through. He says he's going to call you with answers, he calls. I don't have to call and pester his office for answers or test results. If there were 10 stars, it still wouldn't be enough. OUTSTANDING. We are lucky to have him in Great Falls. Thank you for all you do Dr Garver!

Katie Baney

Dr. Garver helped me through ADHD when we had no idea what it was... He helped me pass high-school and did everything he could for my sister. Garver=Gerber prove me wrong

J Schmidt

Dr. Garver has taken excellent care of all my children! Everyone in the office is super friendly and they listen to my concerns. I will forever trust him and his decisions regarding their health and well-being.

Kariana Bushnell

Highly recommend Dr. Garver and his staff. I came home after 7 weeks in the Missoula NICU, with a 4-pound baby girl. She needed lots of love and care. Dr. Garver was there for every bump in the road, and believe me when I say there have been MANY. I strongly believe that if it wasnt for his care, my daughter would not be where she is at today. The staff was amazing every time I had a nervous break-down, or first time Mom questions. I was always welcomed. Dr. Garver will always be my kids doctor and my only recommendation. He and his staff will forever be a part of our family. The best decision you can make is to take your children here.

Evona Ibsen

I have brought both of my kids here since they were born (9 and 6 now)and would never go anywhere else. Dr. Garver and his team have been so great to my family!

Jenna Hayes

We love Doctor Garver. He always listens to what we say and really cares.

Melissa Cyr

The Doctor & Staff are very knowledgeable! They allway go above & beyond to see that all your family's needs are met.

Lenora Snider

Dr. Garver is as good as it gets!

Treve Brinkman