Learn How to Feed and Care for Your Baby

Turn to us for lactation services in Great Falls, MT

Whether your baby isn't latching properly, or your body is struggling to produce enough milk, reach out to our certified lactation specialists at Premier Care Pediatrics. We provide lactation services and infant care education to new mothers in our practice at Premier Care Pediatrics.

Our certified lactation consultants will help to guide and support new moms on their breastfeeding journey.

Make an appointment today by calling 406-770-3000.

Connect with our lactation consultants

Premier Care Pediatrics in Great Falls, Montana is proud to support new mothers in our practice with lactation services. Our certified lactation consultants will:

  • Help you identify the cause of latching problems
  • Assist you with breastfeeding pain and offer remedies
  • Discuss appropriate feeding schedules
  • Offer tips to increase your milk production
  • Review pumping and recommended equipment to use as well as proper milk storage
We understand that every mother is different, so we'll discuss your concerns and goals before we start to determine which areas to focus on. Our consultants will help to take the stress out of caring for your baby and enhance the bonding experience. At Premier Care Pediatrics you will be supported while navigating motherhood and your breastfeeding journey.

Together, we can create a plan that helps the family, mother, and baby. Call us today at 406-770-3000.