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Same Day Sick Appointments

For a parent, it is important that your child receive the best care possible by your family doctor. At Premier Care Pediatrics, we make every effort to provide same day appointments to accommodate those parents with sick kids.

Please note that we have designated waiting areas for sick patients to minimize their exposure to our other patients.

Obesity Management & Treatment

We provide comprehensive preventative care of children suffering from the stigma and long term health issues related to obesity. In partnership with the first web based obesity program, we combine the latest in medical treatment to enhance the success of those children struggling with a common condition in a supportive and engaging environment.

Lactation Consultation

We have staff on hand to assist moms and babies with breastfeeding. They can address any issues that may arise like improper latching, sore or cracked nipples, and inadequate weight gain of the infant. Our goal is to offer lactation support to the mom for successful breastfeeding.

Mental Health Treatment & Counseling

In our community, like many across the nation, mental health services are limited and require long waiting times. Psychological problems have become more common today than at any other time in medicine. As the demands on the family increase, parents and children are often overwhelmed. While this trend has been well recognized for some time now, the resources have simply not kept up with the needs. Dr. Garver continues to treat some of our patients with these needs.

Ambulatory Care

I come from a primary care philosophy, which means that common procedures practiced many years ago, are still available today. Many children are sent to a specialist and emergency rooms for procedures that were offered in doctors offices not that long ago. At Premier Care Pediatrics, we perform IV fluids for dehydration, simple fracture casting, wound care including stitches and burn care, just to name a few. When our local hospital elected to no longer provide circumcision after delivery, we opened availability in my schedule to offer these services to the families in our practice.

Vaccine Safety

Vaccines are a critical element in preventing serious disease and death as a result of infectious disease in you infant and child. There have been significant advancements over the past century and many common diseases that once posed a risk to children all over the world , like polio and smallpox, have been eliminated. Scientific breakthroughs continue to enhance the quality of life of children and as a parent your pediatrician should be able to help you understand the importance and reassure you so that you can make educated choices when it comes to vaccinating your child.

The reason we start early in this process is that 1) the infants immune system is vulnerable to a variety of serious and disabling infections. 2) the vaccines work by gradually inducing immunity through repeated doses, so their immune system can be fully ready when they may encounter the actual disease. Many parents are concerned regarding the number of vaccines in the schedule, which is reasonable. As new vaccines are developed they may be combined together in a single injection. One of the myths is that this could “ overwhelm” the immune system, but studies have shown that combination vaccines do not cause any increased risk and may serve to increase the overall immune response. Since the inception of our vaccine program, safety has always been a concern and despite rigorous testing many people have raised questions as to their safety. Almost every vaccine has had some claim related to an association with serious complications like the measles and autism.

Whenever these claims are made the vaccine program and it’s benefits are questioned and organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are all notified to look at the scientific literature and begin studies to reassure not only parents , but also to share that information with vaccine providers to protect children, as well as ensure confidence in our public health system. Any questions you may have regarding the care of your child, including vaccination, should be addressed in a meaningful way by their doctor.

At Premier Care Pediatrics we take not only vaccine education seriously, but also the management of our vaccine program in the office very seriously. Temperature must be monitored and kept within acceptable ranges so the vaccine is both safe and effective. We have gone to great lengths to exceed those standards using the latest technology. Power outages can occur and cause the vaccine to fall out of range for brief periods of time. There are a number systems we employ to assure vaccine temperature is managed at a constant temperature and in applying a system of “real time“ temperature monitoring and we are alerted immediately, 24/7, of any problems related to storage of our vaccine supply. We also have a back up power supply should there be a loss of power to the office. We have taken these steps to maintain quality standards in vaccine safety so that there is no compromise in the vaccines stored in our facility.

We are proud of all the added safety precautions we take so that you can feel confident in the care you receive at our office in all areas, but particularly in vaccine management and safety.

We have a remote temperature monitoring system for our vaccines. Monitoring vaccines is a requirement by the Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS). At Premier Care Pediatrics we have taken it a step further in having round the clock monitoring of our vaccine stock through our remote temperature system to ensure the safety of the products that we use for our patients.

Complex Medical Consultation

Dr. Garver has vast experience and knowledge, which enables him to be a great resource for parents as well as for other providers within the community. Dr. Garver frequently receives referrals to diagnose and manage children with complex and complicated issues. The providers at Premier Care Pediatrics do not shy away from challenging cases, but welcome the opportunity to help those kids that may otherwise be considered too difficult to care for.

At Premier Care Pediatrics, your child’s healthcare is our highest priority.

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